“We will have a multiple system of cost-effective re-use, re-cover, re-furbish and re-cycling strategies for all kind of battery technologies, including lithium ion.”

(Stefan Elsner, ValueBat)

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"Responsible use of batteries at the end of life
is not just a question of technology and sustainability,
(from ecology and economy)
but above all a question of trust in one
cooperation based on a reliable partnership."

Thomas Kuban,

CEO BATEKO sp. z o. o


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Questions / Points you might be interested in:

  • Is my battery safely collected, stored and handled? 
  • Do I have visibility within my current take back system and their recycling activities especially with my batteries?
  • What do I get back for my put to market payments (above compliance)?
  • Can my battery be re-furbished? Why not?
  • Can my battery be re-used? Why not?
    (avoid or enter the after market / grey market)
  • How can I get read of the value of the battery content? How much is that from the production side?